Monday, February 25, 2013

Minty Report: Hair & Makeup Oscars 2013

 Although the award show itself can be a bit boring for some, the red carpet never disappoints. Either you hate a few gowns and get a good laugh or you love a lot more and it gives you inspiration. Since it will be pretty strange to walk around in a couture gown in your everyday life, the easiest thing to take away form the Oscars is hair and make-up. Last night the red carpet included beautiful ladies in all shapes and sizes with great hair and beautiful make-up!

Actresses Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron, and Zoe Saldana (pictured life to right) all had glowing skin, fresh faces, and sleek hair. Which included a subtle eye with sheer lip colors, intact waves and a bold pixie cut. Although I didn't care too much for singer Kelly Rowland's hair, her make-up was super pretty. All these looks can inspire you for night on the town with girlfriend or even date night with your beau.

My favorite hair and make-up for the night came from Oscar winner Adele. Tell me her hair and make-up isn't always on point! From the half up half down, youthful blond, the hair was a win. Her long thick lashes, chiseled cheek-bones, and rose pink peachy lip, complimented her entire look.

For my favorite gowns from Oscar night, head over to!
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