Friday, August 31, 2012

Deep Berry

Previously I did  a post regarding fall style trends, but how could I forget the make-up. Over at Christiana Molina delivered the Top Fall 2012 Beauty Trends. Most popular was the dark plum lip, which I have being seeing around town a lot lately, on celebs and models. Runway shows that featured this hue included Viktor & Rolf, Yves Saint Laurent, and Gucci where legendary face-painter Pat McGrath achieved a unilluminated romantic look with purposely pallid complexions. I'm not so sure this look is do-able for all skin tones, (meaning mine which already has a deep canvas) but it doesn't hurt to try.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Are you Ready?

As the summer is winding down, I start to prep for fall. If you live on the east coast you know we are experiencing warm days and very cool nights. With that said, it will be getting a lot cooler sooner than we expected. With kids going back to school and beaches starting to look scarce, fall is in motion. For me that means Fall Fashion!

Last fall the trends included oversized scarves, sweaters and beanies, with mustard and rust hues. This time around we will be seeing cozy knits, funky patterns, quilted fabrics, statement collars, and pops of color with navy and wine undertones. As far as the shoes, the classic pointy pump with cropped trouser's and sporty pieces will make a statement. Ankle and riding boots will be carried over from last fall with loose casual looks. Although new trends always arise, it is up to the everyday fashion forward individual to make it work. Check out the pieces.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2 Favorite Things

Today was my last day being off of work, so I treated myself to a little Starbucks for breakfast and Sushi for dinner ( I had left over pizza for lunch, haha). It was a beautiful day here in NJ, I just soaked it all up with a little me time before I head back into work mode. I hope you all enjoyed your day!

Mint Report: Stiletto Nails

This summer was filled with new trends. One trend that will be continuing this fall is the Stiletto Nail, also known as dagger or talons nails. Its style is sharpened and tapered to a triangular shape. Celebs including Amber Rose, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Lana Del Rey have been known to sport these lethal looking nails. Some fashionistas love the super sharp pointy shape but I like mine more subtle. What about you, are you feeling them?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mint Report

The beautiful Angela Simmons was spotted in Los Angeles at the She Cares Foundation's 3rd Annual She Cares Celebrity Basketball game. I could not help but notice her sneakers by Maison Martin Margiela. If you want comfort and style, these cool shoes are the way to go. Check out her skin, radiant!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mint Report: Roses are Red

Is Red not tennis star Serena Williams' color? She looks amazing! We all know she has a wonderful body underneath it all, that helps garments fall graciously in the right places if you know what I mean. Look at those shoes she wore to the David Letterman Show recently, respectfully by Christian Louboutins from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. To die for, as Rachel Zoe would say.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Beautiful Soul

It has been 11 years since the beautiful and talented Aaliyah left our presence. I just want to remember her for all the music, movies, photos and most importantly her style that inspired me throughout my teenage years. I was in Jamaica on August 25, 2001 when she passed, I was so scared to get on a plane headed for the states, but I'm glad I did. My angels have me covered, and I'm thankful for everyday. Here are a few of my favorite pics of the late, great Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

LANVIN Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Ad Campaign

I'm a little late, but did you guys see the LANVIN Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Ad Campaign? If not see below.

Wasn't it awesome?! I think so. Designer Alber Elbaz celebrates real people, because at the end of the day we work hard to purchase beautiful designer creations and wear them to work, events, and even baptism. No? Any-who, check out a few photos of these "real people".

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Van Gogh Inspired Ombre Nails

I have been extremely bored with my nails recently, so today I decided to play around with the ombre trend. The night before I painted my nails with the L.A. Colors "Color Craze" in "Atomic" and I was enjoying the color but I wanted a little more, especially since I manicured my nails with a very subtle stiletto shaping. I previewed my nail color collection and went with the "Neon Green" by Ruby Kisses an I was in love. It reminded me of the Van Gogh painting Irises. Pretty Right?!

Elephant Girl

Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore Elephants. It does not matter if it is the African, Indian or Asian Species, I just think they are beautiful. So while surfing for a flashdrive, I decided to search for an elephant usb and this HDE Gold Elephant Flashdrive Pendant caught my eye. It's so pretty!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Photos, Less Talking

“ I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good. – Anonymous