Thursday, January 10, 2013

Minty News: Destiny's Child Comeback

It is 2013 and Beyonce is sneaking up on us slowly but surely. First her $50 million Pepsi deal, then her nearly naked GQ cover, now we'll just wait for her Superbowl takeover right? Wrong!

Beyonce announced earlier this morning that she will be releasing new music with Destiny's Child for the first time in eight years!!!! Is that not exciting?! The album titled "Destiny's Child Love Songs" features previous hits including "Cater 2 U", and "Say My Name" with "ONE" new song! What?! I feel gypped, my excitement has dropped down five notches. Don't call it a comeback! But either way the beyhive is in full affect, and I still cannot wait for this to drop. 

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