Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Minty Must Know: Makeup Expiration Dates

The FDA does not require cosmetic companies to provide expiration dates on beauty products but they do expire and the side effects can be grueling. Be Aware! 

Here are a few shelf-life examples that will give you a better idea of your make-up essentials;
  • Mascara 2-3 months: When it starts to look clumpy and smell, get rid of it!
  • Concealer/Liquid Foundation  6-12 months: Toss it, if the color starts to lighten or separate into layers.
  • Powder Foundation, Eyeshadow, & Blush 2 years: Expired powders are prone to be more flaky & dry.
  • Lipgloss & Lipstick 1-2 years: If your lipgloss is extra sticky or your lipstick seems dry without moisture, it is probably that time.
Don't forget to clean your make-up tools! Invest in a cosmetic sanitizer and brush shampoo to keep applicators free of germs and breakouts.

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